As a society, our propensity to seek legal recourse or simply take action against another party continues to grow year-on-year. What was once perhaps a simple accident or slip up, is now a means to financially gain irrespective of fault. In some instances, owners and operates in effect ‘throw in the towel’, or are not able to continue operating their businesses purely because of an inability to obtain or afford liability insurance.

While business owners do of course have a duty of care to their customers, supplies and members of the public more broadly, accidents do happen. Some are simply that, accidents, while others may well have been completely avoidable.

Focusing primarily on businesses that operate within the recreation and leisure industries, Aquarium works in conjunction with business owners and their appointed insurance brokers. With an extensive network of contacts within the global insurance industry, we in effect act as ‘match makers’ in connecting insurance brokers to quality insurance markets that have displayed an appetite for challenging placements.

We do this by building out a comprehensive insurance buyer profile which speaks to all facets of the business. This is an all-inclusive profile that not only highlights each of the positive attributes of the business, but also addresses its challenges and how the owner is (or will be) mitigating them. In doing so we help the insurance brokers go to market with the best fighting chance of wrapping up very challenging insurance programs.